Case study - Customer case

Grant website creation obtained for a Brussels SME

Contractor profile

the head of the company was active in the world of human resources.

myth nr 1

"subsidies are for big business".

yes, but not only... self-employed, complementary self-employed, VSEs, SMEs, etc... you too can apply for subsidies.


The recruitment and human resources market is highly competitive but growing. Our customer’s target was very specific: small SMEs that couldn’t afford to hire a full-time human resources manager.


The website had to highlight our customer’s presence at every stage of a candidate’s life (recruitment, on-boarding, training, development).


Based on our recommendation and advice, the entrepreneur undertook to attend one of Europe's leading design events and exhibitions. The costs of travel, accommodation and the logistics of transporting the parts were subsidized to the tune of 75%.
"100% of the winners tried their luck".
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At Subsidea, we have a phrase that hangs in a beautiful frame in our offices. A highly visible phrase, a phrase that can’t escape us, a phrase that we see as a red thread guiding our steps, our actions.

“what will remain of us is what we have given”.

This sentence sums up our raison d’être and our action. We are entrepreneurs serving other entrepreneurs. We are partners who help create and develop your business, jobs and our region.

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