Primes et subsides Council

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  • Independent
  • Contractors
  • Small Sme
  • Companies
  • Company founders
  • Company managers

Your head office is located in Brussels or you have a place of business in the Brussels region.
You may be eligible for grants and subsidies to help you develop your business!

Consultancy grants

Consultancy :

Receive a bonus for a business, strategic or financial analysis;
For a communication strategy;
For a technical study;
For a legal study;
For changes to your company’s organizational processes …

Economic transition consultancy :

Receive a bonus for designing a diversity plan;
For an audit of your company’s energy performance;
To obtain tools for reporting on your company’s environmental or social impact …

Export strategy consulting :

Receive a bonus to help your company go international (export);
To obtain new markets to prospect (foreign markets);
To prospect international markets (outside Belgium);
To adapt products or product packaging to different foreign markets;
For the adaptation of your documentation in other languages (other than our 2 national languages)
To register or certify your trademark (or the trademark of one of your products) abroad …

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Brussels helps entrepreneurs

Some newspapers report on companies leaving Brussels, but all too often they fail to mention the many advantages of opening and developing a business in Brussels, particularly in terms of bonuses.

This financial aid is designed to support the growth of SMEs, in a capital that is and remains one of the jewels in the crown of Belgian and European entrepreneurship. Indeed, Brussels is the country’s leading employment area, with almost 118,300 companies, including 12,445 new ones by 2022, 96% with fewer than 10 employees (source: ibsa/statbel).

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