We manage applications for premiums and grants from companies and the self-employed.

Are you a self-employed person, entrepreneur, business creator or company director with at least 1 business location in the Brussels-Capital Region? The good news is that you may be eligible for grants to help you develop your business!

You wish to create a website? redesign an existing website? optimize your website? buy real estate ? office renovation? install an alarm? install a video surveillance system? buy a cargo bike? shopfitting? buy a garage? facilitate access to your premises? replace your commercial vehicle? install an electric terminal? training? be accompanied by a lawyer? developing an e-commerce site? evaluate or install ERP software? evaluate or install CRM software?   recruit one or more employees? advice on your export sales? create an information pack for export? exhibit at a virtual trade fair? exhibit at a trade show? a prospecting trip? invite prospects? respond to a call for tenders outside the EU? rent a prospecting office?

Your needs and projects are eligible for grants

Subsidies, bonuses and grants are intended to encourage economic development and employment. This means that you can benefit from assistance that you may not even be aware of.

buying real estate
Renovation or fit-out of a new facility
Alarm installation
Training in English
assistance of a lawyer
accompaniment by a consultant
Creation of a website or e-commerce site
Exhibition in a salon

The above intervention rates are examples that should be customized to your business. Example: if you're building a website, the basic intervention rate is 40%. If you are a starter (less than 4 years in business), the intervention rate is increased by 10% to 50%. If you are in a priority sector, the rate is increased by a further 10% to 60%. So in this example, on a total invoice of 8,000 euros excluding VAT, the refund would be 60% of 8,000 euros, or 4,800 euros.

There are dozens of subsidies

The main types of grants are themselves subdivided into several categories.
Export support”, for example, includes subsidies for prospecting trips, participation in trade fairs (physical or virtual), development of information material, invitations to prospective customers, etc.

Subsidies to help you get started or get off the ground

Your questions Our answers

The Brussels region encourages entrepreneurial initiative and supports economic activity through a wide range of business grants. There are more than 400 premiums and grants available. We take care of every stage of your subsidy request, from application to receipt of the amount in your account.

the State, and more specifically the Brussels region, encourages entrepreneurial initiative because it supports economic activity and therefore employment. The grant you receive is always intended to support the start-up of a new business or the development of an existing one.

This means that Subsidea will only be paid if your application is successful.
The amount of our contribution is a percentage of the grant amount (with a minimum of 450 euros. This minimum amount is only payable if your grant application is accepted by the administration).

Would you like to find out about possible subsidies?

Your needs and projects are eligible for subsidies

Grants are intended to encourage economic development and employment. This means that you can benefit from assistance that you may not even be aware of.

Export grants are available again!

Following intense mobilization, the decision to abolish export grants was suspended. So, if you want to obtain grants in 2024 💰 for :

– prospecting trips with or without the help of a consultant
– trade fairs
– communication media (brochures, videos, translations)
– the help of a consultant in your export project.

Contact us without delay (anticipation is the first rule when applying for grants), and we’ll carry out a free analysis of your projects and possible grants.