Primes et subsides Export

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Your head office is located in Brussels or you have a place of business in the Brussels region.
You may be eligible for grants and subsidies to help you develop your business!

Export subsidies

Export strategy consulting :

Receive a bonus for external consultancy to implement your export strategy.

Informative support :

Receive a bonus for translating brochures, catalogs, audiovisual material, etc. into other languages.

Prospecting trip :

Receive a bonus for your trips to new markets outside the European Union.

Participation in a virtual trade fair :

Receive an incentive to promote your business (products, brand, services) at a virtual trade fair.

Participation in a trade fair :

Receive a bonus for taking part in a trade fair, congress or exhibition abroad.

Invitation to prospects :

Receive a bonus for inviting prospects located abroad (outside the European Union).

Participation in a call for tenders :

Receive a bonus for your expenses relating to a call for tenders issued outside the European Union.
For travel expenses; remuneration; purchase of specifications; preparation of bid …

Prospecting office rental :

Receive a monthly bonus for renting a prospecting office outside the European Union.

Recruitment export project :

Receive a bonus for recruiting a full-time worker
to export your products or services.

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