Case study - Customer case

Grant export support obtained for a complementary self-employed contractor in Brussels

Contractor profile

A former executive in the financial sector, our customer has undertaken a profound reconversion.
This led him to launch an innovative, sustainable and artistic craft business.

myth nr 1

"grants are for big business".

yes, but not only... self-employed, complementary self-employed, VSEs, SMEs, etc... you too can apply for subsidies.


The craft and sustainability market was bursting with new ideas. Brussels’ entrepreneurs and creators are appreciated abroad. But the cost of exhibiting and participating in certain international events often requires an investment that a “small” entrepreneur cannot afford.


The entrepreneur’s first objective was to make a name for himself quickly. This stage enables the company to showcase its achievements and know-how to a wide range of target audiences.


Based on our recommendation and advice, the entrepreneur undertook to attend one of Europe's leading design events and exhibitions. The costs of travel, accommodation and the logistics of transporting the parts were subsidized to the tune of 75%.
"100% of the winners tried their luck".
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KEY POINTS of the mission


At Subsidea, we have a phrase that hangs in a beautiful frame in our offices. A highly visible phrase, a phrase that can’t escape us, a phrase that we see as a red thread guiding our steps, our actions.

“what will remain of us is what we have given”.

This sentence sums up our raison d’être and our action. We are entrepreneurs serving other entrepreneurs. We are partners who help create and develop your business, jobs and our region.

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